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Our DALTON skincare concept has no limits! As a provider of professional skincare products we have always made it our goal to satisfy the individual needs of all the different skin types and concerns. In over 40 years, we have established a large product range of over 180 products that is sure to meet your personal needs. To make your search for the right product as easy as possible, you can make your preselection right here:

ANTI-AGING CARE Skincare at the highest level

Professional anti-aging skincare by DALTON

The basis of our anti-aging products is our Celumer Marine Extract, a composition of seawater, oysters, algae, mussels, plankton and caviar - a powerful package of active ingredients that provides the skin with natural, high-quality nutrients, protects the skin and has a scientifically proven rejuvenating effect. In each of our product lines, the Celumer Marine Extract is additionally enriched with other valuable active ingredients to satisfy the individual needs of all the different skin types and skin conditions. Discover the effectiveness of our DALTON anti-aging collections for yourself!

S.E.A. - Marine Stem Cell System

  • Demanding and mature skin
  • Active Ingredient: Crambe Maritima


Are you looking for a luxurious stem cell focused skincare collection that stimulates cell regeneration deep within the epidermis to produce a lasting, rejuvenating anti-aging effect?


View our luxurious S.E.A. anti-aging collection

SOUL - Inspirational Skin Care

  • Mature and stressed skin
  • Active ingredients: The best of the Orient and Occident


Are you looking for an inspiring anti-aging skincare concept that harmonizes the needs of skin and soul?


View our inspiring SOUL anti-aging collection

EXTREME LIFT - Marine Filler

  • Lifting and firming
  • Active ingredient: Jambú-extract


Are you looking for anti-aging skincare that delivers lasting wrinkle reduction for an immediately visibly smoother complexion?


View our EXTREME LIFT anti-wrinkle collection



  • Dehydrated dry skin
  • Active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid and urea
Are you looking for moisturizing anti-aging skincare for visibly plumper skin?


View our HYALURONIC UREA anti-aging collection


Q10 - Cell Energy

  • Lipid dry skin
  • Active ingredient: Coenzyme Q10
Are you looking for a rich, vitalizing anti-aging collection that strengthens and invigorates your skin?


View our Q10 Cell Energy collection


OYSTER - Skin Balance

  • Combination skin & large pores, blemished mature skin
  • Active ingredient: Oyster
Are you looking for anti-aging skincare that minimizes pores and masters the balance act of moisturizing and mattifying combination skin?


View our OYSTER collection for combination skin


REGENERANT - Soya Repair

  • Skin in need of regeneration
  • Active ingredients: Soy proteins


Are you looking for anti-aging skincare that regenerates your stressed skin or are you new to the world of skincare and looking for gentle anti-aging starter products?


View our REGENERANT anti-aging collection


DEEP SEA - Men Performance

  • Demanding men’s skin
  • Active ingredients: Blue algae and deep sea water


Are you looking for simple yet effective anti-aging care for deeply nourished skin?


View our DEEP SEA collection for men

COSMECEUTICALS Problem solvers for various skin concerns

The DALTON Cosmeceuticals - Problem solvers for various skin concerns

For every skin problem, we offer the most suitable solution. Our products contain marine minerals that are very well tolerated by the skin and that help other natural ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. That is how we are able to treat acute skin problems quickly and effectively.



  • For blemish- and acne-prone skin
  • Active ingredients: Marine peptides


Are you struggling with oily or dry acne-prone skin and looking for a gentle yet effective skincare routine to combat pimples and blemishes?


View our DERMA CONTROL collection for blemish-prone skin


SENSITIVE CARE - Derma Balance

  • For very sensitive, allergy-prone skin
  • Active ingredients: Skin Repair Formula


Does your skin react to many beauty products and are you looking for gentle skincare to soothe and strengthen sensitive skin?


View our SENSITIVE CARE collection for sensitive, allergy-prone skin


REDNESS CONTROL - Couperose Skin

  • Skin prone to redness and couperose
  • Active ingredient: 5-Herbs-Formula


Are you looking for skincare that visibly relieves redness, strengthens the capillaries and has a balancing, soothing effect?


View our REDNESS CONTROL collection for couperose skin


BRIGHT PERFECTION – Pigmentation Control

  • For dark spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Active ingredients: Marine Exopolysaccharides, low-molecular hyaluronic acid with alpha-linolenic acid, niacinamide


Are you struggling with dark spots, uneven skin tone, discoloration or hyperpigmentation?


View our BRIGHT PERFECTION collection for hyperpigmentation


JORDAN DEAD SEA SALT - Neurodermatitis & Psoriasis

  • Skin prone to eczema and psoriasis
  • Active ingredients: Beeswax and precious oils


Are you looking for skincare that is fragrance-free, provides lasting relief from itching and helps to alleviate symptoms of eczema?


View our JORDAN DEAD SEA SALT collection for eczema


NATURAL CORRECTEUR - Vitamin Regeneration

  • Damaged and hyperkeratotic skin
  • Active ingredients: Vitamin A, C, E


Are you looking for nutrient-rich skincare products for damaged skin or the treatment of scars?


View our NATURAL CORRECTEUR collection for damaged skin

UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS For your personal skincare routine

Universal Care by DALTON - for your personal skincare routine

The products in our UNIVERSAL CARE collection are true “allrounders” and suitable for all skin types. They can be combined with all other DALTON collections to complete your individual skincare routine. This line includes cleansers, exfoliators, masks, body care products and a lot more.


Face Cleansing

  • Daily cleansing for every skin type
  • Active ingredients: Sea foam, cranberry extract


Are you looking for easy cleansing for all skin types, for high-quality products that are well tolerated by the skin?


View our UNIVERSAL CARE cleansing products


Face Care

  • Face care for every skin type
  • Active ingredients: Plankton, brown algae, hyaluronic acid


Are you looking to complete your skincare regime with allrounders for all skin types that can be combined with all other DALTON lines?


View our UNIVERSAL CARE Face Care collection


Body Care

  • Exclusive body care for all skin types
  • Active ingredients: Mango butter, shea butter, cupuacu butter


Are you looking for exclusive and effective body care products for every day?


View our UNIVERSAL CARE Body Care collection


Hands & Feet

  • Exclusive care products for all skin types
  • Active ingredients: Panthenol, marigold, soybean oil


Are you looking for some high-quality products to pamper your hands and feet?


View our UNIVERSAL CARE collection for hands and feet


SUN CARE - Prevent & Control

  • Innovative UVA/UVB sun protection
  • Active ingredients: UV Filter System, spirulina algae


Are you looking for sun protection that has additional skincare benefits and protects the skin against premature aging?


View our SUN CARE collection

PRE-AGING Solutions for younger skin

Pre-aging with preventive solutions for younger skin

We humans have only one skin and we cannot change it like we change clothes. That is why it is important to start with the right skincare as early as possible, to prevent future damage. Our skin is worth it and it benefits from high-quality skincare products even at a younger age. You can choose your starter products from the following collections:


BLUE ESSENTIALS - Vegan Marine Cosmetics

  • Protection against blue light and urban pollution
  • Active ingredient: Combination of vegan, marine-based ingredients

Are you looking for powerful products to protect against environmental stress, blue light damage and premature skin aging – for beautiful radiant, flawless skin?

 View our BLUE ESSENTIALS collection for young skin



  • Vegetarian care for sensitive skin
  • Active ingredient: Olive oil


Are you looking for vegetarian skincare that leaves the skin hydrated and protected?


View our vegetarian PHYTO OLIO DI OLIVA collection

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