Vegan beauty products
Vegan beauty products

Vegan Skincare

Vegan Skincare Vegan Alternative for All Skin Types

Vegan Beauty Products for Everyone

We have always focused on using eco-friendly natural ingredients from the sea to offer powerful solutions for individual skin types and concerns. Our vegan skincare products are no exception and based on high-quality marine-derived ingredients to guarantee maximum potency while still being gentle and kind to sensitive skin.

Vegan Cleanser Must-haves

Vegan beauty products

Daily facial cleansing is very important to get rid of excess sebum and all traces of make-up. Our Cleansing Mousse is vegan and suitable for every skin type. This cleanser envelops your skin with a delicate fragrant foam and gently removes any dirt and impurities. Finish with a toner like our CLASSIC CLEAN Tonic, and that’s it!

Tip: Our Eye Make-up Remover is also vegan and especially gentle thanks to chamomile extract!

Vegan Skincare Collections by DALTON

Along with many individual vegan products in different collections, we have several collections that consist entirely of products formulated without animal-derived ingredients. These products are mainly based on a set of specific algae and special kinds of phytoplankton which are very versatile and multitalented ingredients – popular not only in skincare products but also used as superfoods or food supplements.

Blue Essentials – The Vegan Way to Protect Your Skin From Blue Light und Urban Pollution

Our vegan pre-aging Blue Essentials collection consists of a protective day cream, regenerating night cream and an eye cream that targets dark circles and bags under the eyes. The products are formulated with special marine extracts and ingredients aiming to protect your skin against blue light damage and environmental stress.

Algae Skinfood Ampoules – Vegan Beauty Boosters

Whether you have dull skin, oily skin or dry skin – our five vegan-friendly ALGAE SKINFOOD Ampoules each cater to a different skin type or need. It is up to you to decide what your skin needs right now! The rich #stressless Ampoule, for example, pampers the skin with nourishing oils and offers a soothing break from the stress of the day. The mattifying #multitasking Ampoule helps to keep oily skin shine-free, while the #nofilterneeded Ampoule acts like a soft focus filter for a flawless, radiant complexion. The warming #ohmyblush Ampoule creates a subtle blush effect and the #sleepingbeauty Ampoule boosts skin regeneration during the night and increases skin elasticity by up to 4 times.

Phyto Olio di Oliva – Plant-based Alternative for All Skin Types

The Phyto Olio di Oliva collection is based on high-quality olive oil to offer reliable protection and excellent moisturizing benefits for both young and mature skin. The collection includes a hydrating face cream, a revitalizing anti-aging cream and a nourishing eye cream-gel.

Vegan Products for Skin Problems

If you suffer from skin conditions like blemish-prone skin, sensitive skin or couperose, it is especially important to look for non-irritating skincare ingredients that are not too overwhelming.

The DERMA CONTROL collection is ideal for both dry and oily acne-prone skin. The REDNESS CONTROL collection targets facial redness and broken capillaries, while the SENSITIVE CARE collection offers gentle vegan products that are perfect for sensitive skin.

Vegan Skincare – Cruelty-Free

Cruelty-free skincare – to us this is not just a marketing claim, but a matter very close to our hearts. We do not conduct or commission any animal testing. This credo does not just apply to our vegan products, but to our whole range of skincare and marine cosmetics.