Skincare for Redness & Couperose
Skincare for Redness & Couperose

Redness Control

Redness Control Skincare for Redness & Couperose

How to care for couperose and rosacea-prone skin

Couperose is a skin condition considered to be an early stage of rosacea. It is characterized by patches of red skin due to visible red blood vessels or spider veins, located mainly on the cheeks and nose. It is a common skin disorder that can be treated effectively with the right skincare products, while treatment of rosacea requires a dermatologist. An early prevention and a continuous care of these symptoms are therefore highly recommended.

The REDNESS CONTROL collection helps to visibly reduce facial redness, strengthen the connective tissue and soothe irritation. Formulated with a potent combination of marine minerals, yeast extract and a 5-Herbs-Formula, it strengthens weak capillaries to aid in the fight against red, blotchy facial skin.

DALTON skincare for redness and couperose

Remedy for red, blotchy facial skin

The soothing anti-couperose collection reduces facial redness by up to 35% and visible red blood vessels by 21%.

Finding the right couperose cream

Our anti-redness cream is available in three different textures to complement every skin type. The Cream Light has a very light texture that absorbs quickly and is best suited for oily skin and combination skin. The moisturizing Cream Medium is a great choice for normal to dry skin that is prone to red, blotchy and sensitive skin with broken capillaries. The Cream Rich is ideal for very dry skin types.

Additional anti-redness products for couperose-prone skin

In addition to your redness-reducing moisturizer, we recommend supplementing your skincare routine with a few more products to reduce redness on the face.

The REDNESS CONTROL Pipette Concentrate offers an effective solution to reddened and blotchy facial skin. Thanks to its oil-free formula, it is also suitable for skin prone to rosacea. It has a soothing effect and strengthens the capillary walls to prevent dilated blood vessels. Before using your moisturizer, apply the concentrate to affected areas of skin and gently dab it in.

If you are not just looking for a long-term solution to couperose, but would also like to target fine lines and wrinkles, we recommend our hydrating couperose anti-aging serum. It minimizes redness and thread veins, while smoothing lines and wrinkles at the same time. Contains tiny green shimmer pigments for a balanced and even-toned complexion.

Masks are a great way to soothe and balance skin prone to redness. Our REDNESS CONTROL face mask is enriched with healing chalk from the island of Rügen. It calms irritated skin and strengthens the connective tissue – an ideal beauty treatment for redness-prone, sensitive skin.