Find the best ampoule for your skin
Find the best ampoule for your skin


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  1. Nourishing anti-aging ampoule for a flawless complexion and glowing skin
    Caviar Deluxe
    Celumer Intense
    5 Ampoules
  2. Die besten Gesichtsampullen gegen Falten
    Marine Anti Aging
    Mix it
    Ampoules Collection
  3. Ampoule Sprayer
    Beauty Accessoires
    Ampoule Sprayer
  4. Ampoules for every skin type
    Algae Skinfood
    Ampoule Collection
  5. Vegan ampoule for glowing skin
    Algae Skinfood
    Soft Focus Silky 5 Ampoules
  6. Restorative ampoule to accelerate skin renewal
    Algae Skinfood
    Bi-Phase Skin Reloading 5 Ampoules
  7. Vegan ampoule to increase blood flow to the skin
    Algae Skinfood
    Warming Power Boost 5 Ampoules
  8. Nourishing oil ampoule for facial stress and irritated skin
    Algae Skinfood
    Oily Nourishing 5 Ampoules
  9. Mattify oily skin on face
    Algae Skinfood
    Mattifying Instant Effect 5 Ampoules
  10. Ampoule for sagging facial skin
    Marine Stem Cell System
  11. These Anti-Wrinkle Ampoules help to reduce expression lines
    Extreme Lift
    Marine Filler
    5 Ampoules
  12. Moisturizing ampoules with hyaluronic acid and urea – Hydrating facial to go
    Hyaluronic Urea
    Hydro Boost
    5 Ampoules
  13. Vitalizing Q10 Ampoule for a fresh complexion
    Energy Boost
    5 Ampoules

13 Items

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Dalton Ampoules Powerful Little Beauty Heroes

Ampoules – The Concentrated Power of Active Ingredients

Ampoules in skincare? Absolutely a must-have! They come in small, hermetically sealed glass vials that contain a serum with extremely high concentrations of beneficial ingredients. Not only can good glass ampoules boost the effect of your skincare routine, but they can also offer solutions to various skin concerns. They can easily be incorporated into any skincare routine and achieve great results with little time and effort. Use ampoules daily or as an intensive treatment over the course of some days to see a long-lasting effect and improve the appearance of your skin in the long term. Small and portable, they are also perfect for on-the-go.

Anti-Aging Ampoules for Smooth Skin

What do all DALTON anti-aging ampoules have in common? All of their formulations are based on our rejuvenating Celumer Marine Extract, which delivers a gentle and deep-penetrating anti-aging effect. With impressive results: Hyaluronic acid synthesis is increased by 48%, collagen synthesis by 43% and cell activity by 19% – the key component of our anti-aging ampoules skincare range.

The CAVIAR DELUXE Ampoules contain an extra dose of caviar for visibly smoother, firmer skin and a youthful radiant complexion. TIP: This luxurious little beauty booster creates the perfect base for a long-lasting make-up look.

The luxury S.E.A. Ampoules promote tight and defined facial contours. They support cell renewal, stimulate the epidermal stem cells and fight skin aging in the deepest layer of the epidermis.

The anti-wrinkle ampoules from our EXTREME LIFT collection produce a visible firming effect. They can be used as a quick beauty fix or as a regular part of your daily anti-wrinkle skincare routine.

The hydrating HYALURONIC UREA Ampoules combine intense and long-lasting moisture with a plumping anti-aging effect. Ideal for dry skin.

Instant freshness for tired skin: Our moisturizing Q10 Ampoules reenergize dull and tired skin, while smoothing fine lines – for a youthful and revitalized complexion.

TIP: Our anti-aging beauty ampoules are also available as a discounted mix set!

Vegan Beauty Ampoules with Superfood Algae

You decide what your skin needs right now. Mattifying, nourishing or regenerating – these ampoules offer quick results and gentle, replenishing care thanks to superfood algae.

#nofilterneeded Ampoules – their name says it all: They act like a soft-focus filter, revitalize and smooth the skin with an instant glow effect.

The #sleepingbeauty 2-Phase Overnight Ampoules promote skin regeneration during the night, strengthen the skin’s structure and improve elasticity.

The warming #ohmyblush Ampoules get your skin fired up in the best way! They stimulate blood flow and leave a natural rosy complexion with visible blush effect. But caution: Not recommended for sensitive skin.

Time for a break! The pampering #stressless Ampoules envelop the skin with nourishing oils and superfood algae. Very good ampoules for soothing stressed and irritated skin.

Help for oily skin: The mattifying #multitasking Ampoules keep the skin shine-free for up to 8 hours, almost like a powder. Tip: These ampoules can also be used over your make-up or for a quick refresh during the day. Best applied with our ampoule sprayer.

TIP: Our vegan ampoules are also available in a mix set!

Ampoules Guide

Not sure which beauty ampoule is right for your skin type? Our Ampoules 101 is here to help you find the products you need and show you how to use them. Why are ampoules so effective? How to open the glass vials? Our skincare expert answers frequently asked questions and shares helpful tips and tricks.