Quick-fix beauty products with instant effect
Quick-fix beauty products with instant effect

Algae Skinfood

ALGAE SKINFOOD Beauty Ampoules

ALGAE SKINFOOD Beauty Ampullen

The vegan ALGAE SKINFOOD line consists of five different ampoules with unique benefits to target specific skin concerns. In addition to nourishing marine minerals, each ampoule is enriched with selected algae extracts.

Marine Algae - The Ultimate Superfood for Your Skin

What is so special about algae-infused skincare? Algae are true multi-talents. They are masters in the art of survival and have overcome tremendous challenges since their first appearance millions of years ago. Even in the most extreme environments, they are able to adapt, grow and thrive. Equipped with many vital nutrients, powerful defense mechanisms and countless other superpower abilities, algae deliver a multitude of skincare benefits.

Algae extracts offer a wealth of skin-loving benefits for many different skin types, and they are much more powerful than many people might think. For example, did you know that algae have no roots and absorb all the nutrients they need from the seawater? That is why they are so incredibly rich in essential marine nutrients.

Thanks to our ALGAE SKINFOOD Ampoules, your skin is pampered with the most highly concentrated marine ingredients. Tailored to the skin’s individual needs, these vegan ampoules can mattify oily skin, improve skin texture, promote skin elasticity and soothe stressed skin. They are part of our pre-aging segment for young skin to target the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles and keep the skin fresh and youthful-looking.

From brown algae to spirulina blue-green algae to red and green algae – all of those different microalgae and macroalgae have one thing in common: They are simply unbeatable when it comes to skincare. Here is a little summary which kinds of algae we use in our ampoules and what they can do for your skin:

#stressless: Time for a relaxing beauty break! This nourishing ampoule with plankton microalgae helps to bring stressed skin back into balance, while moisturizing oils like jojoba oil, almond oil and soybean oil soften rough skin and protect it from drying out. Ideal for very dry to combination skin.

#multitasking: This mattifying ampoule with fine powder particles, antioxidant green algae and marine exopolysaccharides helps to keep your face shine-free for up to 8h, without stripping it of moisture. But that is not all: Hyaluronic acid packs a powerful punch of hydration. Tip: You can even use the ampoule over your make-up, with our handy ampoule sprayer.

#ohmyblush: Your face is looking pale and lifeless? This ampoule with red algae Jania rubens and caffeine fuels the skin like a super-charged energy drink, while hyaluronic acid hydrates dry skin. For a fresh and rosy skin tone. But caution: The energizing, warming formula is not recommended for sensitive skin.

#nofilterneeded: This silky face ampoule promotes flawless and glowing skin with a soft-focus effect. The formula of antioxidant superfoods includes brown algae, spirulina and seaweed to smooth the first signs of wrinkles and minimize the look of pores – for a smooth and even-toned complexion with natural glow. Tip: The ampoule creates a perfect base for your make-up.

#sleepingbeauty: This 2-phase overnight ampoule with green algae and nourishing oils promotes skin elasticity and replenishes the skin during your beauty sleep, to reveal a fresh and radiant complexion in the morning.

Tip: Our five ALGAE SKINFOOD Ampoules are also available as a mix set – a great way to try them all. Apply them before your moisturizer to give your skincare routine a refreshing update!