SOUL Skincare line by Dalton Marine Cosmetics  SOUL Skincare line by Dalton Marine Cosmetics


Our SOUL collection is an inspiring new skincare concept that pampers the skin and soul with the best active ingredients from the Orient and the Occident. The products of this line are scented with an aromatic fragrance and have either a vitalizing and smoothing or a harmonizing and balancing effect. Each texture is enriched with three exotic active ingredients and selected oil components. DALTON’s SOUL consists of a 2-phase oil serum, a light and silky cream and a velvety, nourishing cream & mask to condition the skin and give it a sensuous appearance. For visibly more balance and wellbeing, based on your sentiments and your skin’s needs. 

SOUL More Time for Myself


Taking a little time-out for body and soul can create feelings of pure bliss. Our inspiring SOUL line offers a natural and individual skincare regime for every day, to pamper your skin and soul. The Vitalizing Cream with its Energizing Complex leaves the skin fresh and radiant, while the Harmonizing Cream & Mask with its Calming Complex provides soothing relaxation. The Illuminating Oil with its Brightening Complex firms the skin and gives it an irresistible glow.

Energizing, Calming, Brightening skin care active ingredients Energizing, Calming, Brightening skin care active ingredients

The different compositions of active ingredients are embedded in our anti-aging Celumer Marine Extract, which plays a key role in our SOUL line as well. As it is composed of marine-derived ingredients that our body is familiar with, it can easily penetrate into the skin and supply even the deeper layers with vital substances. What is so special about the SOUL line, is that it offers exceptional combination possibilities. The firming oil serum can be applied under the Vitalizing Cream or the Harmonizing Cream & Mask, or it can be mixed with one of the two creams. Ideal for the varying needs of mature skin.

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