Products for sensitive skin
Products for sensitive skin

Sensitive Care

SENSITIVE CARE Line Our Products for Sensitive Skin

Skincare for Very Sensitive and Allergy-Prone Skin

The SENSITIVE CARE Line is formulated without conventional preservatives, emulsifiers, silicones, colorants or fragrances, making it very well tolerated. The products come in different versions ranging from light to rich, to suit every skin type and need.

Our Products for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin care tips

The SENSITIVE CARE products are enriched with marine minerals and our Skin Repair Formula to restore sensitive, stressed and damaged skin and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.

The Cream Light has a delicate texture that is suitable for very sensitive and easily irritated combination skin. This lightweight face cream is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue – perfect as a light summer cream. It alleviates skin discomfort and leaves a calm complexion without redness or irritation.

The Cream Medium nourishes very sensitive, dry skin and helps stressed skin to regain its healthy balance. This fragrance-free all-rounder is suitable for all who have sensitive or easily irritated skin.

The Cream Rich is ideal for very dry skin that is also sensitive and prone to allergies. It is formulated with nourishing lipids to replenish rough and cracked skin. This rich face cream is great for protecting the skin in winter. By applying a thicker layer, the cream can also be used as a mask.

The delicate Eye Cream soothes and conditions the sensitive, thin skin around the eyes. It does not contain oils that ‘creep’ into the eyes. Its calming effect makes the Eye Cream perfect for those whose skin is easily irritated or who suffer from allergic reactions to substances like pollen or dust mites.