Dull and tired skin Dull and tired skin


Over the years, the skin loses energy and requires more care. If you suffer from lipid dry skin, you must redress these natural deficits in order to prevent premature skin aging.

Skin that lacks oil can manifest itself in a variety of ways. In most cases, the skin appears tired and dull. If you do not provide your skin with enough lipid-rich care, it can lead to an unpleasant feeling of tightness due to a higher than normal water loss. And this is because oil is occlusive: it forms a film over the skin to prevent it from drying out. In the worst case, the skin’s surface becomes rough, scaly and cracked. People with lipid-dry skin are often very sensitive to cold weather, especially around the cheeks. If your skin lacks oil, you will know the feeling: No matter how much lotion you pile on, your skin stays dry and rough in the long run.

The natural aging process of our skin already starts in our 20s and 30s and is the main reason behind lipid dry skin. Normally our skin regenerates every 4 weeks. Skin cells are reproducing constantly and moving up through several layers of skin, until they reach the top layer, where dead skin cells are shed. As we get older, our cell metabolism slows down, cell energy decreases and skin cells take longer to regenerate. Cell production declines and the epidermis becomes thinner, which makes it harder for the skin to produce oil and thus to retain moisture due the loss of the protective film of lipids and fatty acids. Ultimately, the skin becomes dry and loses its natural suppleness and elasticity, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles at an early age.

However, it’s not just age, but also environmental factors such as extended exposure to the sun, smoking and alcohol, that have a negative impact on the skin’s energy levels and accelerate skin aging. Experts call this process “oxidative stress”, a term referring to how free radicals damage our organism. Free radicals are high-energy particles that cause damage to proteins and lipids, especially in our skin. In order to “disarm” those particles, you need antioxidants such as the coenzyme Q10. They can neutralize free radicals and render them harmless. Additionally, they promote cell repair and skin regeneration.

LIPID DRY SKIN Symptoms & Causes

What causes dry and dull skin?


  • Cell renewal slows down
  • Oxidative stress
  • Reduced sebum production
  • Ability to retain moisture declines
  • Use of the wrong skincare products


  • Dull complexion
  • Skin seems tired and lackluster
  • No improvement despite using creams and moisturizers
  • Unpleasant feeling of tightness and loss of elasticity

THE RIGHT SKINCARE Solution for Lipid Dry Skin Lacking Oil


Your skin is especially hungry for nourishment and lacks the energy to regenerate. For the skin to be able to regulate itself, it needs energizing skin care products that provide valuable lipids and promote skin regeneration.

Q10 is a powerful active ingredient against lipid dry skin lacking oil. The coenzyme, which is naturally produced in the body, is crucial for healthy cell production and fights the causes of tired skin by supplying body cells with new energy and protecting them from free radicals. This way, the aging process can be slowed down, the skin appears more youthful and elastic, rough, flaky skin and even dry lines are made to disappear.

The basis of this skin care line is our exclusive Celumer Marine Extract. Due to its unique composition, it enhances the effect of the coenzyme Q10. Its anti-aging actives promote cell renewal and nutrition, which is beneficial for skin rejuvenation, nourishment and protection. Thus, dry skin appears firmer and more elastic.

For more information on the active ingredients and the effect of this skincare line please click on Q10 Collection.

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