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Reusable Ampoule Sprayer for Quick and Easy Application

Insanely useful beauty tool

Spray your way to great skin! The ampoule sprayer makes ampoule application incredibly easy and accurate to dose. Make sure to cleanse your face before using an ampoule.

PLEASE NOTE: The ampoule sprayer can only be used with the following DALTON Ampoules:

-#multitasking ampoule

-#stressless ampoule

-Q10 Ampoule

-S.E.A. Ampoule

-Extreme Lift Ampoule

Open the ampoule with the ampoule opener as usual. Carefully attach the ampoule sprayer onto the ampoule. Spray 1-2 times (or more, as needed), about 30cm away from your face with your eyes closed. Ampoules should be used up within one day. Afterwards, remove the ampoule sprayer and rinse under hot water to clean.

The #multitasking Ampoule can be applied over your make-up.

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Insanely useful beauty tool

The ampoule sprayer makes ampoules super easy and safe to apply. Always apply ampoules on clean skin.