Supplier of Minerals and Trace Elements

The seawater DALTON’s Celumer Marine Extract comes from the French Atlantic coast. The seawater makes its way through granite formations and layers of sand and is won at a depth of 22 meters below the surface.

Seawater contains all of the vital minerals and trace elements we need for the vitality of over 70 trillion cells in our body and the skin. Water is the source of all life!

The medicinal use of seawater dates all the way back to Hippocrates (460 BC), who used seawater for healing purposes.

The composition of the minerals and trace elements of seawater is remarkably similar to that of our blood plasma and lymphatic fluids and therefore shows excellent cosmetic properties. It moisturizes, revitalizes and strengthens the intercellular network by increasing lipid synthesis. In addition, it simplifies and accelerates the absorption of active ingredients into the skin.

Seawater is one of the six interactive ingredients in our exclusive Celumer Marine Extract.