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4Ocean – Bracelets for a Good Cause

More than 8 million tons of waste end up in the oceans each year, which poses a serious threat to our oceans and marine life. Sea turtles and fish routinely get tangled in plastic bags and suffer a horrible death. On top of that, there are fish that mistake plastic debris for plankton and eat it. If nothing changes, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.

Fighting Plastic Pollution

4Ocean is a global organization that aims to clean the world’s oceans of plastic waste. Everybody is welcome to help and contribute to this project. With the help of numerous dedicated volunteers, they have already pulled over 3993 tons of trash from the ocean and coastlines to date.

4Ocean Coastal Cleanups
4Ocean Ocean Cleanups with Boats
4Ocean bracelet for cleaner oceans

The 4Ocean team and their cleanup crews collect the trash from the coastlines before it has a chance to enter the ocean. They also have a fleet of boats cleaning the ocean seven days a week. Thousands of people worldwide support the organization in their work to leave the oceans a bit cleaner every day.


Did you know?

70% of the waste that enters the ocean sinks to the seafloor if it is not collected.


Ocean Cleanup Ocean Cleanup

The Effects of Plastic Waste in the Oceans:

More than 90% of all the plastic waste that reaches the world’s oceans is carried there by rivers. The trash gets flushed into the rivers by rain and from there it is washed into the ocean. The mass production of throw-away products and lack of recycling awareness in many countries will continue to aggravate the situation.

4Ocean Bracelet

4Ocean’s Solution

The 4Ocean organization tries to deal with the problem of ocean plastic pollution by collecting the plastic waste out of the ocean and recycling it.

1 Bracelet = 1 Pound of Trash Removed from the Ocean

4Ocean sells bracelets that are made from 100% recycled materials. Every bracelet bought funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines and symbolizes your commitment to cleaner oceans. 4Ocean aims to raise awareness of various environmental issues. By working tirelessly towards oceans free of plastic, they try to bring about a shift in environmental thinking and encourage the public to get involved.

4Ocean bracelet for a good cause 4Ocean bracelet for a good cause

We at DALTON MARINE COSMETICS are eager to support the 4Ocean team and their noble mission. Protecting our environment – and especially the oceans – is extremely important. We believe that every one of us can do something good for the environment. Join in and help us protect the oceans and coasts and their ecosystems!

Environmental consciousness, biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem

DALTON now offers three additional Special Edition bracelets alongside the Signature bracelet. With each bracelet, 4Ocean wants to raise awareness about a specific aspect of ocean health and protecting marine life:

  • Black: Saving the Sharks
  • White: Protection of Polar Bears
  • Turquoise: Conservation of the Great Barrier Reef