4Ocean Shark Braided Bracelet

Ocean Clean Up

Help Save Our Sharks

Fight Ocean Plastics

They have roamed the seas for over 400 million years – sharks. But even though they have survived for so long, sharks are now increasingly threatened by overfishing and marine pollution. Over 10 million sharks are killed this way each year. With the purchase of one of our bracelets, you support the 4Ocean organization, which seeks to clean the world’s oceans from plastic waste. With their Special Edition ‘Shark’ Bracelet, 4Ocean wants to raise more awareness for shark conservation. The braided bracelet is made from 100% recycled materials and is available in sizes Small (length: 14.61cm – 17.15cm) and Medium (length: 17.15cm – 19.69cm).

Fight Ocean Plastics

Cleaning the ocean one pound at a time – 4Ocean is a global organization that works to remove plastic waste from our oceans all over the world. With the help of many dedicated volunteers, they have pulled around 3993 tons of trash from the ocean since 2017. Thousands of people worldwide support the organization in keeping our oceans cleaner and free of plastic waste. And you can help too – each purchase of a bracelet funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines, to preserve the marine ecosystem for future generations.

Bracelets for a good cause, fighting ocean pollution