Peanut Oil


Arachis hypogaea

Ground nut, goober nut

South America


Peanuts came from the New World and are botanically a vegetable, from the same subfamily as peas - as their name suggests. Peanut oil is a vegetable oil derived from the seed of the peanut.

The peanut was cultivated in Brazil some 2000 years ago. Around the 17th century, the peanut crossed the pond to Africa. Today, peanuts are grown in warm areas around the world and are valued as an all-rounder in the kitchen, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Peanut oil has many important cosmetic properties. As the oil absorbs slowly, it is a good base for massage oils. Because of its high fat content, it is also used as skin protection oil. It is well tolerated, even by sensitive skin. Especially with very dry or flaky skin, peanut oil helps to provide a supple, smooth skin feeling.

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