Only a few species of microalgae live in freshwater, most occur in marine waters. Like this special species of microalgae: the Haptophytes. There are strict regulations on how microalgae are to be harvested, taking into account the environment, growth, time of year and population of the respective region.

The size of this rather small species of algae is about 20 μm. They reproduce very quickly, which is why they are usually found in large groups. There are huge quantities of microalgae in oceans worldwide that form a significant part of the marine plankton.

Microalgae extract has amazing cosmetic properties. It supports the biogenesis of new, active mitochondria – the powerhouse of the cell, responsible for energy production. It also promotes the burning of stored fat in the adipocytes and reduces body volume, optimizing the silhouette. In addition, it improves skin elasticity and resilience.