Marine Peptides

Marine Peptides – highly effective ingredient for acne-prone skin

Highly Effective and Well-Tolerated Ingredient for Blemish-Prone Skin

Marine peptides are protein fragments that are derived from marine microorganisms. They are obtained through innovative and environmentally friendly Blue Technology, in a UNESCO biosphere reserve in the Mediterranean Sea.

Marine peptides are true masters in the art of survival. They date back to the time when life first emerged on planet Earth. For ages, these microscopic organisms have always needed to adapt to environmental changes to be able to survive. This characteristic is what makes them such a potent, yet well-tolerated ingredient in medicine, food products and skincare.

Marine peptides have antibacterial properties and improve the general skin condition in a natural way. Their effectiveness in treating pimples and acne has been proven by independent studies. They prevent blemishes from developing, minimize pimple size and reduce redness caused by inflamed pimples. They also support the skin’s natural ability to heal itself and accelerate the healing process of existing breakouts.

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