Intelligent UV Filter System


A New Generation of Sun Protection

A fine-tuned, cutting-edge UV filter system (UVA / UVB) that offers highly effective sun protection and is very well tolerated by the skin.

UVA rays are long-wave rays, which means they can penetrate deeper. They are responsible for tanning, but also for premature, sun-induced skin aging. UVB rays are short, high-energy wavelengths and penetrate less deeply into the skin. However, UVB rays can cause sunburn and skin cancer. That is why an intelligent combination of chemical and physical filters offers optimal protection from sun damage of any kind. Chemical filters transform UV rays into heat and physical filters reflect UV rays like a mirror -both on the surface of the skin, where UV protection is crucial.

The combination of different filters that complement and support each other allows for a lower percentage of filters in the formulation overall, which leaves more room for nourishing active ingredients – for as much protection as necessary and as much nurturing skin care as possible.

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