Heart-leaved Globe Daisy

Herzblättrige Alpenkugelblume

Globularia cordifolia

Mountains of Central and Southern Europe

The heart-leaved globe daisy is native to the Alps of central and southern Europe at an elevation of about 2000 metres above sea level. It forms beautiful, dense evergreen mats of dark green leaves.

The heart-leaved globe daisy is a great plant for an alpine garden, as it forms evergreen mats to cover stones and rocks. It bears lavender-blue flowers in late spring between May and June.

The extract gained from the heart-leaved globe daisy stimulates the skin’s own defenses against skin aging. It supports cell regeneration and promotes cellular energy production. It also reduces inflammations and redness and promotes a natural appearance, for a healthy and radiantly beautiful complexion.

This active ingredient is one component of our Brightening Complex.

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