Witch hazel benefits – wound healing, soothing, astringent

Wound Healing, Soothing and Astringent

Hamamelis virginiana, witch hazel

North America

The hamamelis, also known as witch hazel, is a small deciduous shrub or small tree native to North America and East Asia. It owes its name to the early New England settlers because it looks a bit like a hazel tree, which, back in the day, the English associated with sorcery and witchcraft.

The Native Americans knew the witch hazel as a medicinal plant and used it to treat wounds and inflammations. Today it is a popular ingredient in numerous creams and ointments in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

The extract of the bark, leaves and twigs of the hamamelis plant has a nurturing, wound-healing, astringent and soothing effect in skincare formulations.

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