Brown Algae

Brown algae benefits for skin

Prevent Premature Skin Aging

Himanthalia elongata, Fucus vesiculosus, Dictyopteris membranacea, Laminaria digitata

Brown algae grow in the coastal regions of the North Atlantic, from Northern Europe, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to the Canaries and Morocco. In America, they can be found from Canada to the Caribbean; and they are also native to the coast of Brazil.

Algae represent our world‘s green lung, as they generate about 50% of our planet’s oxygen by extracting it from carbon dioxide. Some kinds of brown algae grow up to 100 meters long. They are strong enough to withstand the currents of tides and waves and they are extremely resistant to UV radiation.

Brown algae are dried after harvest and then processed for various uses. For example, they are used to treat metabolic disorders and thyroid conditions. Their leaves can be used in baths to relieve rheumatic pains, or for making tea. Since they are a rich source of vital nutrients, some kinds of brown algae are also utilized as food ingredients. That is why the ‘Himanthalia elongata‘ brown alga is known by the common name of “sea spaghetti“ in some regions like France and Ireland. Thanks to their numerous skin-enhancing benefits, concentrated brown algae extracts are commonly used in skincare products as well.

Brown algae play a significant role in fighting premature skin aging. They protect the skin from infrared rays and blue light present in sunlight (while blue light is also emitted by digital screens such as smartphones). Just like UV radiation, these rays can cause oxidative stress, damage cells and accelerate the natural aging process. Brown algae support cellular energy production and thus increase the oxygen supply to the skin. This process has a positive effect on cell renewal and thus on the overall appearance of the skin. Their antioxidant effect protects against the degradation of the skin's firming collagen. In addition to valuable minerals and trace elements, brown algae also offer powerful hydrating and soothing properties. Some kinds of brown algae can also be used to brighten the skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and prevent the appearance of age spots.

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