Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Aloe barbadensis

True aloe, medicinal aloe, desert lily

Arabian Peninsula

North Africa, Middle East, Asia, Mediterranean

The aloe vera is a lily plant native to deserts. Due to its thick fleshy leaves, it resembles a cactus and is therefore also called desert lily.

Aloe vera has been used for medicinal purposes for millennia. While it was relatively unknown in Europe at first, the aloe vera experienced a boom in the beginning of the new millennium. It is used for wound treatment, skin diseases, gastrointestinal complaints, joint pain and sunburns.

The aloe vera leaf extract contains vitamins, enzymes, minerals and amino acids. The natural gel has a cooling, healing and anti-inflammatory effect and supports the skin's self-healing powers. In addition, it moisturizes and softens the skin making it more smooth and supple.

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