SOUL Skincare line by Dalton Marine Cosmetics  SOUL Skincare line by Dalton Marine Cosmetics

SOUL Anti-Aging - Pamper Yourself to Beautiful Skin

Turn your skincare routine into a unique sensory experience with our SOUL collection for mature skin. The collection consists of a 2-phase oil serum, a silky, lightweight face cream and a rich, nourishing cream & mask to rejuvenate and condition your skin, while delighting your senses with an aromatic fragrance. Each formula is enriched with a trio of exotic plant-based ingredients and high-quality oil components. Whether you are looking for products that are soothing, vitalizing or radiance-boosting, feel free to create your own routine tailored to your current mood and your skin’s individual needs.  

SOUL More Time for Myself


Create your own wellness oasis at home! The SOUL collection offers an inspirational skincare concept that combines an aromatic composition of the best ingredients from the Occident and Orient with effective anti-aging benefits for mature skin. The Vitalizing Cream with its Energizing Complex promotes fresh and glowing skin, while the Harmonizing Cream & Mask with its Calming Complex provides soothing relaxation. The Illuminating Oil, a smoothing 2-phase oil serum, contains our nourishing Brightening Complex for a natural glow. With their aromatic fragrance, these products will turn your daily skincare routine into a spa-like experience!

Energizing, Calming, Brightening skin care active ingredients Energizing, Calming, Brightening skin care active ingredients

The three different compositions of active ingredients that are unique to our SOUL collection are embedded in our anti-aging Celumer Marine Extract. As it is composed of marine-derived ingredients that our body is familiar with, it can easily penetrate into the skin and provides even the deeper layers of the skin with vital nutrients. What makes the SOUL collection so special and able to deliver the best results, is its great versatility. You can combine the products and customize your daily routine to your heart’s content, depending on your personal preference and your skin’s individual needs. The firming oil serum can be layered under the Vitalizing Cream or the Harmonizing Cream & Mask, for example, but you could also mix it with the cream textures. Ideal for the changing needs of mature skin.

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