Couperose and skin prone to redness Couperose and skin prone to redness


Patches of facial redness and visible blood vessels on the skin’s surface, especially on the cheeks and nose – the symptoms of couperose can be unsightly and distressing to those suffering from it. To make matters worse, this skin type often also tends to dryness and irritations. Only products that are properly adjusted to this skin type can take on this cosmetic challenge.

Couperose skin is often caused by hereditary factors like a weak connective tissue and weak capillary walls. It mainly affects women aged 30 and over, who will begin to notice small blood vessels shimmering red or blue through the skin’s surface – the epidermis. With age, the skin gets thinner and the capillaries become even more visible – a process that often leads to permanent redness in the face, neck and décolleté.

The dilated blood vessels – so called telangiectasia – become visible, because the tension of the connective tissue declines over time and ultimately fails to sufficiently tighten the capillaries. Consequently, small blood vessels and veins become instable and expand permanently.

In rare cases, couperose skin can turn into rosacea, a skin disorder that causes inflammation and severe facial redness, including the forehead and chin. Rosacea is commonly associated with the emergence of papules and pastules and sometimes with facial swelling and the formation of excess tissue like an enlarged nose, the so-called ‘rhinophyma’. If your skin shows symptoms of rosacea, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist.

In general, it is advisable to focus on prevention as early as possible. Even though the genetic disposition to a weak connective tissue and weak capillaries will always stay, it is possible to reduce the visible symptoms with the help of a powerful cosmeceutical skin care concept like our REDNESS CONTROL line. Its carefully selected active ingredients address the special needs of those affected by couperose, it soothes sensitive skin, supports the connective tissue and alleviates redness. The skin’s natural resilience is improved and it reveals a balanced and even-toned complexion.

REDNESS &COUPEROSE Symptoms & Causes

Faktoren und Ursachen der permanenten Gesichtsrötungen


  • Genetic disposition to a weak connective tissue and weak capillaries
  • Mainly affects women aged 30 and over
  • Extreme fluctuations of temperature (sauna, etc.)
  • Extended exposure to the sun
  • Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine


  • Capillaries can be seen shimmering through the epidermis on the cheeks and nose
  • Red patches on the face, neck and décolleté
  • Uneven and blotchy skin tone
  • Sensitive skin prone to irritations
  • Skin is dry and feels tight

THE RIGHT SKIN CARE Effective Protection for Couperose Skin


Your sensitive skin needs a stabilizing skin care routine that makes use of carefully selected ingredients to support the connective tissue, to calm and visibly improve the complexion.

The cosmeceutical skincare line  REDNESS CONTROL is specifically designed for sensitive skin that is prone to redness, dilated capillaries and couperose. It is based on a powerful 5-herbs-formula, which improves capillary elasticity and supports the connective tissue in the deeper layers of the skin. As a result, visible red blood vessels are reduced by up to 20.7% , redness is reduced by up to 34.8% and the skin is nourished and well-hydrated.

For more information on the active ingredients and the effect of this skincare line please click on REDNESS CONTROL Collection.

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