Reduce telangiectasia and skin redness on faceReduce telangiectasia and skin redness on face

Redness Control - Treatment for Dilated Blood Vessels and Skin Redness on Face

The REDNESS CONTROL skincare collection is specifically designed for skin prone to couperose. Symptoms associated with this condition include skin redness and facial telangiectasia or spider veins - visible enlarged vessels on the surface of the skin. In rare cases, couperose can turn into rosacea, a skin disorder that causes chronic inflammation and severe redness on the face. The products calm and stabilize redness-prone skin and have been shown to visibly improve the complexion.

REDNESS CONTROL For Skin Prone to Redness & Visible Blood Vessels


The REDNESS CONTROL collection is formulated with a blend of high-quality ingredients to stabilize and improve symptoms of sensitive skin prone to couperose. It includes marine mineralsyeast extract and our innovative 5-Herbs-Formula. As our body is familiar with marine minerals, they are easily absorbed and help to deliver the composition of licorice root, Asiatic pennywort, butcher’s broom, horse chestnut, marigold and yeast extract into the deeper layers of the skin, where they exert their soothing effect and strengthen the capillary walls. As a result, our anti-couperose collection manages to visibly reduce facial redness, strengthen the skin barrier and help to prevent new irritation.

REDNESS CONTROL couperose treatment with 5-Herbs-FormulaREDNESS CONTROL couperose treatment with 5-Herbs-Formula


Studies have shown that the combination of our 5-Herbs-Formula and yeast extract produces an excellent, visible effect.

After just 14 days of use, redness is reduced by 34.8% and telangiectasia (small, visible blood vessels under the skin) are reduced by up to 20.7%. The skin appears calmer and reveals a balanced and even-toned complexion. Our REDNESS CONTROL collection is ideal for skin prone to couperose, facial redness and dilated blood vessels.

Anti-redness skincare collection – impressive test resultsAnti-redness skincare collection – impressive test results
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