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Let us take you on a journey into the wonderful and versatile world of skincare! Discover the latest skincare trends, tips, tricks and ideas. Get inspired by our Stories and breathe some fresh air into your beauty routine. There is always a way to make our daily lives more colorful!


Summertime is Travel Time! We have complied some of our amazing summer favorites for you, to ensure you are properly prepared for your summer getaway. 



Girls just wanna have sun

Summer, sun, sandy beaches and the sea – summer is finally here! Walking barefoot in the sand, going outside without a jacket or the smell of sunscreen on your skin – what gives you that summer feeling?



Let´s do it

We are enjoying spring to the fullest and taking some time to prepare for summer. Get rid of that dull winter complexion, combat pimples and blemishes and check out our little tip for beautiful smooth legs!



Less stress, more selfcare

This spring, we pamper our skin with lots of attention before it has to face the stress of summer again. We are kicking off April with a little guide to our skincare ritual, our new skincare line SENSITIVE CARE and a fresh look for spring.



Spring Awakening

Finally winter is on the retreat and the first signs of spring are popping up here and there. To be ready for this sunny and bright season, we will be starting our spring cleaning right away – and we’re not just spring cleaning our home, but also our skin.



Live, laugh, love

February is a busy month for us with National Men's Grooming Day, and of course Valentine's Day! View our DALTON Story for lots of ides and inspiration.



Forever Young

"I want to be forever young" – that’s what Alphaville were singing in their world-wide hit and it’s a sentiment we can all relate to somehow. Maybe we don’t really want to “be young” forever, but “look young”, youthful and fresh. Cheating the clock a little and wiping a few years off our complexion – that would be quite nice…



Summer Bucket List

We are heading into the best time of the year and in an effort to make the best of this summer and enjoy it to the fullest – no matter if away or at home – we have created a summer bucket list.



Hygge ist

Why are Danish people some of the happiest people in the world? They have “hygge”. Hygge is a way of life that’s all about coziness, comfort and being with the people you love. This fall, we’ll try to incorporate more of this lifestyle into our home and turn it into a hygge haven.